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Welcome to our new and updated Thorne Farm Racing blog!

We will be giving regular updates on our plans and anything else of interest going on at Thorne Farm Racing.

We have got some lovely young horses fresh from their summer break ready for the coming season and also some new owners, things are looking good here at Thorne Farm.

With the summer’s variable weather we are pleased to have all the horses are back in training again after their break.

The horses showing greatest promise and we are most excited about for this season are Speredek and Pomme, they will both be novice hurdling. There are also our old favourites Samingarry and Anay Turge who will be running in the big handicaps after doing so well last season.

There are lots of others that we have high hopes for this season, Take A Break, Calin du Brizias, Loch Garman, Midnight Request and Greybougg all did well last season and have bright futures.

Apart from the unraced youngsters we have some new horses with us at Thorne Farm Racing to look forward to – Lord Ballim, All Kings and Jack in a Box have all been placed or won over fences and look very promising.

At the end of the season we attended the Doncaster sales and bought seven horses and I think we got a few bargains, they have all been broken in and had a break out at grass and are just cantering quietly at the moment, hope there’s a few good ones among them but they all look great at the moment.

During the summer we put in a sand gallop that we believe will benefit the horses greatly. It’s three furlongs round and its main purpose is for long steady work so it’s a great addition to our other gallop and other facilities here in the beautiful Devon countryside. We also have some new staff for the coming season as we have expanded we needed to employ some more, they have all settled in well and are enjoying life at Thorne Farm.

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