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Friday 19th July 2019

The whip debate rumbles on and Mr Fellows hasn’t helped it any with his comments a few days after having a winner at Royal Ascot.

Apparently he would have gladly accepted losing the race by disqualification because of a breach of the whip rules by Haley Turner, in an age when everyone is trying hard to promote racing in a good light he sabotages it all by being totally irresponsible with his comments.

l would have loved to seen his face and the owners faces if that did happen right after the race while all the cameras and press were hanging on his every word.

Haley Turner broke the rules and paid the price but if she got beat a neck because she didn’t use her stick enough everyone would be saying she’s only a girl and a stronger jockey would have won on it.

The whip rules are fine as they are and racing now is better attended than ever especially Royal Ascot and Cheltenham, whip infringements are at a minimum but there will always be complaints.

Don’t let people that don’t care about horses or racing ruin racing.

Rant over here’s a picture of Pomme and her first foal to calm everyone down. He’s a cracker.


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