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Friday 26th July 2019

Horse welfare is a “hot” topic at the moment and with the temperature rising daily it makes life harder for the staff to keep the horses cool.

I don’t think any animals like extreme heat especially racehorses.

The racecourse staff can be a bit over the top with their help straight after the race and while it’s much appreciated the should take more notice and direction from the people who know the horses best and I think it’s only a matter of time before one of them gets badly injured.

In fact they’re so enthusiastic at Newton Abbot last week one of them started undoing the girth’s to remove the saddle, they shouldn’t touch the tack.

Our horses have been performing well without winning and Le Musee looked different class at Southwell on Tuesday before nearly falling three out, nobody’s fault just bad luck.

As I said before if it wasn’t for bad luck we wouldn’t have any luck at all.

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Boris De Deauville / Take a Chance – Purchased in France with a winning pedigree, schooled with a lovely natural jump and ready for training next year.

Balko / Ugoline – Beautiful racing type from the profiled French jumps sire Balko. Bought in France and a very exciting prospect for next year.

Top Trip / Jour De Chance – Top class racing type from an exciting young stallion standing at the same stud as Kapgarde. Strong winning pedigree and much to look forward to next year.

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The club gives an exciting opportunity for racing-lovers to share in the thrills of racehorse ownership without the need for the usual major expense. The new club will always have four horses running in its colours and, uniquely to Nigel Hawke Racing Club, Nigel will also introduce selected young horses to the racecourse by running them in club colours.
Fees to join the new club are £45 per month or £515 when paying annually in advance. This makes enjoying the thrills of horse racing available and affordable. (Members must be 18+)
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