Nigel Hawke’s Thorne Farm Racing Blog 07 June 2017

This has been a very sad week for all here at Thorne Farm and all over Somerset, we have lost Derek Mead a well known farmer and business man who had a great influence on the farming community and was also involved here at Thorne Farm Racing.

Statement from Derek Mead’s family on 05.06.17

It is with heavy hearts that we have to let you know that our father and grandfather, Derek Mead was killed in a tragic accident on his farm in North Somerset on the afternoon of Sunday 4th June, 2017.  He was doing what he loved and had been doing since he was a young boy. The family thank you all for your kind messages during this hard time and would greatly appreciate it if you could allow us the time to come to terms with this terrible loss.

Derek with Katherine Hawke his daughter and Nigel Hawke his son- in-law











Katherine Hawke and Derek Mead