Racehorse Ownership, Part Ownership and Syndicates

Racehorse Ownership, Part Ownership and Racing Syndicates

Interested in owning or part owning a racehorse at Thorne Farm Racing? We always have a selection of up-and-coming top class racehorses you can buy, lease or retain shares in. We are happy to work with individuals, groups, and business people.
If you wish to find a potential race horse or horses either at the sales or privately, we can help through our many contacts and experience.

Purchase A Racehorse

If you engage Nigel to assist in purchasing a race horse, Nigel will become your agent. His duty will guarantee you total integrity & loyalty to act in good faith & be open & transparent with all discussions so that fair dealing is maintained for all parties. To assist with this Nigel has a clear Written Commission Agreement.

  1. Nigel and or his representatives will make all the calls about prospective racehorses & narrow the client selection.
  2. Nigel and or his representatives will advise on each horses attributes & suitability for said client.
  3. Once a final selection is agreed, Nigel will advise on price, at this stage the client can opt to deal with the seller direct & pay the seller direct.
  4. All horses that are bought will be vetted once the sale price is agreed. Nigel and or his representatives will arrange this & the client is responsible for this vetting fee & can opt to deal direct with the vet. Once the horse has a vets certificate a sales invoice will be issued by the seller to be paid directly by the client.
  5. Nigel and or his representatives will arrange transport for the purchased racehorse/s & this cost is the clients responsibility. At this stage the client can opt to pay for the transportation direct with the company that provides this service.
  6. Nigel’s professional service is charged at 5% of the gross sale price that is agreed between client & seller, with a minimum fee of £1000.00.

The Benefits of Racehorse Ownership

The thrill of enjoying racehorse ownership or a share in a racehorse is not as expensive as you might think and you don’t even need any prior experience, just a love of horses and a desire to be involved in one of the worlds most popular sports.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of watching your horse race towards the finishing post and if it wins, or is placed, to be invited to the Winners Enclosure to celebrate, it’s an amazing feeling! As well as the adrenaline, the racing action, the social scene, the excitement of the paddock, the exhilaration of cheering on your own racehorse, there are a number of other benefits of owning your own racehorse.

The benefits:

  • Prize Money
  • Race day Privileges
  • Insider knowledge
  • Regular trainer contact and updates

Company Ownership

As a business there are many perks to corporate racehorse ownership, including having the racehorse named after your company and the jockey wearing your corporate colours. Another benefit is the opportunity to entertain clients and staff at corporate and staff Race Day events with the added excitement of having your own racehorse running! There are excellent tax benefits to be had too with VAT on training fees and purchases all reclaimable. At Thorne Farm Racing we have the experience to assist you in getting the best from your investment.

Racing Partnerships and Syndicates

Owning a racehorse is not only for the very wealthy. Syndicates and partnerships give people from all walks of life the opportunity of the excitement of being a racehorse owner whilst sharing in the costs with other like-minded people, friends or work colleagues. Our racing syndicates are very straight forward and are a cost effective way of becoming a racehorse owner, sharing the enjoyment and ownership experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is ‘syndication’?

Syndication means sharing the cost of a horse between a group of people – and allowing each of those people to enjoy the excitement of ownership.

How many shares should I buy?

If you want to be able to claim winnings from your horse, you need to buy a minimum amount of shares to qualify.

I want to involve family and friends – what should I do?

Syndicate your shares.

How do I ensure I get a horse that wins races?

There are absolutely no guarantees that you horse will win races.  We do diligently attempt to source horses which will have a high probability of winning a race, with trainers who will place them to win.  However, there is no way to ensure you will get a winner! Horses which have already won a race before are more likely to do so again.

How long will my ownership last?

Your ownership in your horse(s) will last for the term of the share period.

How many times will my horse run?

We always guarantee you a minimum of one run from your racehorse during the share period.

However all share purchasers must be aware that we are dealing with live animals and as such, we cannot guarantee the horse you choose will win, or that they will earn prize money. Past performance of racehorses is no guarantee of future performance.  Also, we cannot absolutely guarantee your horse will race at any specific racecourse or will race with an even spread through the season.  This is the nature of racehorse ownership.  No refunds are available for part-share periods where the horse does not run, whatever the reason. Shareholders should be aware that some horses will take summer or winter breaks and may have many weeks off the track at a time – this is all part of owning a racehorse.

What happens if my horse gets injured?

It is an unfortunate reality of horseracing that your horse may become injured at some stage in its racing season. For minor injuries, shareholders just have to be patient and wait for the horse to recover.

What will be my colours/silks – can I pick them?

The colours will be those of the major share owner. To be able to pick the colours you need to own 50% or more of the horse.

Can I get the horse to run at my local racetrack?

We leave all racing plans to the person charged with getting the horse to win – the trainer.  He or she will decide where the horse will run and how often.

Can I own more than one horse?

Yes, you may own shares in a string of racehorses and therefore get plenty of thrills and value for money.

Can I contact other owners?

We hold regualr events for owners, part-owners and syndicates to visit the yard and socialise.

Can I contact the trainer?

Yes.  Trainers are busy people, often rising early, travelling large distances and retiring late in the day – so 20 emails a day will be unlikely to get answered!

Can I speak to the jockey?

Yes.  When your horse runs you will be able to meet the jockey in the parade ring prior to the race.

Do I have a say in which races my horse runs?

No, that’s the job of the trainer – he knows the horse and will place them with the best opportunity to win races.

How do I get Owners badges?

Most racecourses provide a number of free owners badges per horse.  This can vary from course to course but is usually between 6 and 8 badges per horse. Owners badges can be collected at the racecourse from the ‘Owners and Trainers’ entrance and they allow you entrance to the racecourse for free or at a discounted rate.  They can be worth up to £80.00 each.

Are you approved?

In order to provide this service we strictly follow the Weatherbys and British Horseracing Board’s rules on co-ownership.

How do I purchase a share in a horse?

Give Nigel Hawke a call on 01884 881666 or mobile: 07769295839 or email nigel@thornefarmracingltd.co.uk